Kern Education Pledge

About the Pledge

Established in 2017, the Kern Education Pledge was signed by leaders from Kern’s 46 school districts, CSU Bakersfield, Kern Community College District, West Kern Community College District, charter schools, and the larger community, who have committed to working together as one system to improve outcomes for all students as they move through the cradle to career education system.

The Kern Integrated Data System (KiDS) is an integral part of the Kern Education Pledge and ensures the sharing of student outcome data to assist all stakeholders in making informed decisions about what is best for students, teachers and schools.

Pledge Signatures

Kern Education Pledge Goals & Indicators

The Kern Education Pledge signatories will regularly measure their progress as students matriculate through the local educational pathway, in pursuit of the following goals:

Kern Education Pledge Indicators

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Kern Education Pledge Goals & Indicators

Kern Education Pledge Governance Council

The Kern Education Pledge Governance Council represents the leadership behind the Kern Education Pledge. These education and industry leaders have committed to spearheading this effort and being champions of promoting the power of collective impact on student success in Kern County.

John G. Mendiburu

Kern County
Superintendent of Schools

Julie Boesch

School District

Ty Bryson

Lakeside Union School District

Steven Bloomberg

Kern Community College District

Ramon Hendrix

Greenfield Union
School District

Sue Lemon

Rosedale Union School District

Mark Luque

Bakersfield City School District

Ric Esquivel

Grow Schools

Samuel "Aaron" Resendez

McFarland Unified
School District

Katie Russell

Panama-Buena Vista
Union School District

Mike Zulfa

Kern High
School District

Vernon Harper

California State
University Bakersfield

Work Groups

Seven work groups composed of content experts work in collaboration to research strategies, gather and analyze data, track progress, identify and share resources and best practices, and implement mutually reinforcing activities.

Latest Work Group Update

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Kern Education Pledge Work Groups

Current Data

Kern County
Assessment Dashboard

Kern County
Student Engagement

Kern County
College and Career Readiness

Archived Data

No CAASPP data available for the 2019–2020 & 2020–2021 academic year due to suspended and optional state testing.

Business Involvement

The Kern Education Pledge relies on the engagement of business and industry partners. Please contact Amanda Frank, Kern Education Pledge Coordinator, at (661) 636-4867 or to discuss ways that your business can become involved in the work of the Kern Education Pledge.